How to Get Your Artwork Noticed

Whether you’re a full-time artist or a part-time photographer, chances are you want people to see your work and possibly even sell them right?

Many artists say they have no idea as to how to get their artwork noticed. So, here we’ve come up with a few ways on how to get your artwork noticed and increase exposure.

Write a Blog

While this may take a bit of commitment to post content, it is the best way to increase exposure and gain visitors as an artist. Many often say they don’t need a blog and that they have nothing to write. But if you’re creating new art, that itself gives you plenty to write.

Post every time you create a new piece and talk about the inspiration, process, what it took to complete and if there’s a story behind the art.

Create a Facebook Page Dedicated to Your Art

Tons of people tend to spend a significant amount of tie on Facebook nowadays. If you can build a strong Facebook presence, it will be much easier to gain exposure and share your work. Give your Facebook something extra for fans to like your page and stay updated. Use your page to post sketches, live videos of work in progressing and keep your fans involved with the artist process.

Establish Artistic Goals

Take a few moments to consider your goals for your art. Are you simply doing it for fun or do you plan to make a living out of it? When do you see yourself and your work in five years? Establish your artistic goals to give you something to focus on and help you take the action you need to fulfill your goals.

Share the Support

If you plan on writing on your blog, do be afraid to link to other artists’ blog to give them praise as well. While you may think this is counter-intuitive, the key to online success to get your links both in and out of your site.

Aside from these tips, consider offering to write a guest post for another artists’ blog, enter art competitions, build relationships with other artists and create a leadership for yourself as an artist.


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