What You Should Know Before Selling Your Art

Have you ever thought about selling your art? Maybe you have already received some commissioned work but not sure how it should be done or how to sell on a larger scale. Many art students try to earn extra money by creating custom work for clients. While it can be fun and exciting, it does have issues that you should know.

Here’s what you should know before selling your art.

Underpricing your work will cause the buyer to value it accordingly

This means that if you try to give them a bargain for $20 for something, they will not treasure the art as much as something they paid $300 worth. Let the customer see just how much your art is worth.

Don’t overprice your work either

Is the skill level and prestige worthy of the price you’re trying to sell? Beginners often feel overconfident that they try to sell art for more than artists with years of experience. This leads to setting yourself up for disappointment by selling something that no one buys. Be up front and make sure you have great samples to show. Allow the buyer to see your skills first.

Get the commission in writing

Protect yourself as the artist and get your commission in writing. Some people end up trying to get pieces for free and never pay you for it. Some may even try to change the price that was agreed upon after the piece is finished. Making the legally agreed in writing is important.

Ask for a deposit

Some people may be enthusiastic about your work but end up changing their mind and cancel the project – even mid-way through the piece. Always ask for a deposit, just in case. There may come a time when your client is not happy with the unfortunate situation, but at least you will get something for your time and effort.

Being an artist is never easy, that’s why not everyone can do it. Take your time to enjoy the craft and love what you do.

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